"Drop everything, Venkman. We got one".

Yes, it looks from the initial previews of a new Alternative Reality (AR) Ghostbusters game have been released – and it looks like users will be able to hunt down ghosts in their own neighborhoods.

After the huge success and hugely popular Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters World makes use of the Google Maps API to give iOS and Android players the chance to hunt down ghosts in everyday life.

Some of the memorable characters and fan favorites are expected to be included from the original franchise in the game, including trash-chomping Slimer and the iconic Marshmallow Man, which you can also enjoy from the selection of Android phones from online shopping at Dubai Electronics.

The director of the original Ghostbusters films, Ivan Reitman, described the games as  “the perfect medium [for fans] to get to know [Ghostbusters] characters in a whole new dimension.

You can check out footage of the game below, along with an official teaser trailer.