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has contributed to Apple becoming this year the first trillion-dollar company, with $243 billion in cash. Many turn to apple because it makes some of the best core products in the market. For example, you often hear stories of MacBook Pro's and iPhones lasting a long time, with only some minor battery issues or lags as they get older. When online shopping in Dubai you will clearly find Apple products pushed at premium prices with rave reviews, with the competition already at sale prices. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X beat the new Samsung Galaxy S9 without a blink.


However, although the core products are high quality, the standard of all the support products, like keyboards or cables, still lets a lot to be desired for and it shouldn’t. Even though the key to their profit is selling high margin iPhones or computers and not the low margin trinkets that support them, the fact that the premium paying Apple customer has to deal with problems like changing the charging cable every other month is simply unacceptable and completely ruins the customer experience.

Some of the problems we have encountered with support products are:

  • “Delicate” charging cables: no matter the product, the cables always break. The protective cover breaks exposing the cables, the cables inside fray and the chargers stop working, or the metal tip of the iPhone charger simply falls off. Why can it not build its cables and chargers a little sturdier, just like its (much cheaper) competition does!? The problem got so bad that the Company was offering for a while a MacBook charger replacement program. 
  • Ultra-secret and mysterious subscription cancellations: Get ready to hire a private investigator to find the magic button, because there is no way in the world you will find it by yourself! If you want to cancel your Apple Music subscription or any other service you got caught with using the magic word “free trial”, it is imperative that to google instruction videos, because in order to make more money from you, the company made sure to make it very hard for the user to find the button by using misleading language and pathways.
  • Keyboard Claptrap: called “one of the biggest design screw-ups in Apple history”, the new butterfly key design Apple rolled in 2016 can get jammed easily just by dust. And we are not talking about taking your computer to the beach and rolling it around in the sand dust. This will, in turn, requires a lengthy disassembly process, which will often require the help of a professional to fix. Apple wouldn’t always cover this repair even under warranty until a lawsuit and tons of public backlash led to the company finally offering free fixes. The problem is that this will still leave you without a laptop for a few days, halting your productivity and severely interfering with your Netflix binge-watching of the new Stranger Things season, unless you want to watch it on your phone.
  • Killing Affiliate Fees Blogs Rely On: as you might be aware of, Apple benefits from a legion of blogs obsessing over its hardware and software that hype up everything the company sells and helped turned it into the mega-star it is today. Seemingly out of the blue, Apple has just announced that starting October 1st its iTunes Affiliate Program will no longer include apps for iOS or macOS. This program previously allowed websites, blogs, YouTubers to link to an app and earn a small cut of the sale if a purchase was made. When the program first launched, that commission was around 7%, in April last year it was brought down to 2,5% and now, by completely canceling it, Apple will be cutting off one of the core sources of the revenue of those who support her the most. Not only that, but over the past few years, Apple has begun to sell ads inside the App Store too, competing for advertisers with those same websites and bloggers that so faithfully defend and promote it.
  • Dongle Nightmare: It seems as though Apple never carried out a focus group on user experience before implementing the new changes into its ports. Thes make it a must to pay extra to carry around a slew of unpractical cord connectors and adaptors in order to plug things into your computer or phone. Most of which will either break or be lost as easily the cables break. Its almost as if Apple has abandoned UX. Even though the company loves to sell these changes as its vision of tomorrow, with its 200 dollar Bluetooth headphones and magnetic chargers, by ditching headphone jacks and old-school mainstream USB ports, the company makes its latest devices incompatible with sanity.

It is extremely annoying (and frankly unacceptable) that the richest company in the world ever would cut costs and corners in such stingy ways! So be aware, when online shopping in Dubai, the core product will be great, but you will have to deal with a lot of unexpected problems with support products that are necessary to make your core products work!

One solution to the problem is to always carry a spare! (and I recommend you buy the cheaper non-Apple ones).

But the truth is that it’s not like Apple cannot afford to fix the problem, it just simply doesn’t care and thinks its brand is so powerful it can get away with it. And they will continue to do so for a long as we allow them to.

So our advice to all of those techies online shopping in Dubai is that brand does not equal quality and you should make sure you research whatever product you are looking for to make sure that it fits your needs. Because if the above problems are things that would irritate you a lot, then paying the extra money for Apple products is simply not worth it.


What are your brands of choice when buying electronics? Are you an Apple user?

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to comment below! We would love to hear your opinion!